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“True love stories never have endings”


Eloping; the best way to get married in my opinion. I know it's wrong to have favourites...

There's nothing more powerful than getting married outdoors just the two of you; there's a sense of empowerment and freedom! It's all about creating a day with less pressure, stress, and expectations, you avoid all the obstacles that may come along with planning a bigger wedding.

Your elopement is all about you and your partner and you get to choose however you want to do it, there is absolute freedom! I'm not saying there is less planning required, but you get to choose exactly how your day will look...



A popular package with my international friends! Let's be serious the Visa Paperwork can be a faff when you're trying to arrange a wedding on the other side of the world.

A wedding blessing ceremony has a similar structure to a legal wedding, minus the paperwork stress!​

Some couples arrange a vow renewal to mark a milestone wedding anniversary... For some couples, the renewal of vows is to acknowledge that they have had significant challenges to cope with, and that as a result of the strength of their partnership, they have together overcome the tough times.


A Humanist Naming ceremony is a way of celebrating and welcoming a new addition to your family.

It focuses on the child – or children – being named and the friends and family that surround them.

​It's a great way to gather family and friends and celebrate one of life’s key milestones. Think of a christening, without the religious elements. 

A naming ceremony also provides the opportunity for those gathered to reflect the roles that key people will play in the life of the child, and parents too. They are so fun! 


Is there anything better than a big Scottish Shindig? 

I'm talking ceilidh (pronounce kay-lee) dancing, embarrassing dance moves, shots at the bar, the speeches, the mingling at the tables, & dance offs! 

I want you to feel like your party started at the ceremony! ​The ceremony should be the part you enjoy the most, and your guests! It sets the tone for the day. You can even get  the people you love the most in the world involved in your ceremony too!​​​ There are so many ways to make your ceremony the one that they talk about for years...

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