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Bringing non-religious people together to develop their own views and an understanding of the world around them.  Humanists are people who shape their own lives in the here and now, because we believe it's the only life we have. We make sense of the world through logic, reason, and evidence, and always seek to treat those around us with warmth, understanding, and respect.

I'll be completely honest, I had never heard of Humanism until I read more about it when starting my application to become a celebrant. That being said, I have always believed that treating others the way I wish to be treated is the way forward in life. You get back what you put in in this world.

The world of Humanism is about being connected through shared experience, hope and dignity. 

We believe in equality: that we all show respect to each other, irrespective of our class, race, gender or beliefs. There's more things in life that unite us rather than divide us...

Since I was a child I was encouraged to think for myself; and given the freedom to make up my own mind in life... it didn't always go the right way, but that's what life is all about.  Learning as you go, growing, and working hard to be a better person. Actions, they have consequences. 

I believe we all have the power to think for ourselves, we all have the courage and the capability to create our own direction in life, and if we can do this while thinking of others, being kind, thoughtful and respectful then the world would be a better place! 

Therefore, I've always been a Humanist without even knowing it! 

Are you a Humanist? 

You can do a wee quiz here

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