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I was brought up in the Highlands of Scotland, near the Isle of Skye. My childhood was unique, spending a lot of time outdoors, playing in the mud and being dragged up mountains. I might have moaned at the time, but this has shaped me to who I am now, and I'm happiest when I'm in the great outdoors exploring new places...

I'm a keen traveller, and I'm privileged enough to have visited some cracking countries. I think its important to expand your horizons, experiencing new cultures, and appreciating the world in which we live. Saying that... there is no place like home!

When I'm not spreading love like confetti and conducting ceremonies, you'll find me squished at the front of a crowd at a music festival; I love music - I'm first on the dance floor, and the last to leave... 



I remember as a young girl flicking through my parents and grandparents wedding albums.

I loved their smiles, the dresses, and I loved creating a picture of their day in my head; I was around 5 years old, so the story changed every's a very happy, vivid memory. The power of photography!

I want to help YOU create those same happy memories, memories that last forever... your day should be as unique as you are. The wonderful thing about a Humanist Ceremony is no ceremony is the same. They are tailormade to suit you.

Love really is all you need, and its pretty damn special once you've found it, without sounding to soppy... It's worth celebrating, whether it's with all your family and friends around you, or just the two of you eloping in the Highlands of Scotland... Wherever, whenever...


Just promise me that you stay true to you, make sure you are doing it YOUR way!



It all started when I worked as a wedding coordinator at Eilean Donan Castle (pictured above) 

I had the pleasure of witnessing hundreds of ceremonies with couples from all over the world; I really grew to love and appreciate how every one was special and unique.

I'll never forget my first Humanist Ceremony - It was so personal, emotional, touching and created for the couple. I could really feel the connection that the Celebrant and the couple had. It was as if they had known each other all their life…when in fact they had only just met that day! 

“That’s what I want to do” I said to myself;  so here I am!

The power of connection is real. I love hearing about people’s lives, their stories, their experiences, what makes us different but also what connects us. We all have a story to tell…

To me life is what you make of it: I’m not afraid to cry or laugh. I want to be inspired, and to inspire others. I want to learn something new every day, follow my dreams to embrace new experiences. I treat people the way I would want to be treated, with respect and kindness.

Humanism is about living the best life possible where we respect, look after and understand each other. Life should be filled with love and kindness! We are a nation that loves to celebrate, so let’s celebrate life together, and mark milestones along the way…


"Rona is an incredible human. She’s passionate and enthusiastic and has a heart of pure gold.

We specifically chose our wedding date around Rona’s availability and are so pleased that we did.

She’s authentic and one of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet.

Rona walked us through what our wedding could look like, was flexible when we wanted to make changes, and when we encountered a hiccup the night before our wedding, she was right there with us providing guidance and comfort - in a way that only she can.

When it came time for our wedding, she delivered our flowers to the house so we could have them for the first look, wrangled our guests, and took care of us with such kindness and enthusiasm.

Our ceremony was full of light and laughter (and a few tears) and personalised for our family.

She included our children in a meaningful way and the entire experience felt magical.

We can’t thank her enough and she will always hold a special place in our hearts."

Leeanne & Taylor

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